I started drawing cartoons about the delights of CAD in the early 1980's when I worked as an architect in private practice in London, England. I was responsible for introducing CAD into the practice in the form of the embrionic AutoCAD at the same time as the first IBM PC's were coming on the market.

Most of the cartoons were drawn from the heart - been there, done that. I remember thinking it didn't seem then that there was much scope for humour in CAD - how wrong I was!

Cartooning was a spare-time activity for me back then but, once an AutoCAD user group was formed in the UK, it was not long before I was providing regular cartoons for it.

This led to me drawing cartoons for A/E/C Systems Computer Solutions magazine in the US and to them printing two mail-order book collections (Cartoon Aided Design in1993 and Cue Pixels - Action! in 1995). I launched the first book at the A/E/C Systems Show in Washington in 1994 - maybe I met you there?

Shortly after Computer Solutions folded, I began providing cartoons for CADALYST magazine, an association that still continues to this day.

In 1999, I decided that cartooning was becoming a major part of my life and it was time to give in to it - so I changed career. Since then I have been a full-time freelance cartoonist.

Roger Penwill