All the cartoons on this site are Copyright Roger Penwill and none of the cartoons may be reproduced without my permission.

My fees for re-use of exisiting cartoons are based on one-time usage rights in one media type. For print use the fee is related to circulation as follows (payment in pounds sterling (pds), US dollars (usd) or euros):-

1-500 copies: 15 pds / 30 usd / 30 euros

501-5000 copies: 30 pds / 60 usd / 60 euros

5001-25000 copies: 45 pds / 90 usd / 90 euros

25001-50000 copies: 60 pds / 120 usd / 120 euros

50001 upwards: 90 pds / 180 usd / 180 euros

For UK orders, VAT will be added at 17.5%

Prices are for black and white line artwork. Please add 50% for colour artwork where available. Where cartoons are not available in colour, I will be happy to provide a quotation for creating colour versions.

Web site or intranet usage will depend on usage, so please contact me to discuss your requirements and to obtain a prompt quotation.

For print use the cartoons can be provided at suitable print resolution in MAC or PC formats.

New Commissions

You might like to have a new CAD cartoon for a particular project and I would be very happy to discuss your specific requirements with you. Because of the many variables in such commissions, I regret it is not possible to provide general price guides here. Quotations can only be given for specific requirements.